Company Profile:
Established in Istanbul in 2002, our company, Piteks Textile has been producing and selling Printed and Dyed Knitted and Woven fabrics for man, women and children groups. By using OE, Carded, Combed, Viscose, Polyester, Melange, Intermingled, Mouline and Grizzled types of yarn, we produce the fabrics in Open Width and Tube groups. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we can apply on these fabrics; Silicone, Enzyme and Phosphoric Print processes. Moreover we're also specialized in providing solutions for the hotel textile sector including, towels, sets, bathrobes, gym towels, bathmats and slippers. In addition, we can provide our esteemed partners with woven towel fabrics, knitted towel fabrics and pique fabrics for the wholesale purposes if required. Upon demand we can also provide bed linens, bed spreads and bed cover materials of various kinds. Last but not the least, in case of your specific demands and requirements, our team is ready to assist you finding unique and tailored solutions in each and every time.

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Established Date: 2002  Tax Office: Atışalanı  Tax Number: 7300210322  Staff Count: 6-10  Export Specialist: Ilker INCI / Alper Ozden